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9 Ways to Teach & Nurture Focus for Kids with ADHD

As we mentioned last time, the line between “normal” and behavior that signals ADHD can seem fuzzy at times. ADHD is marked by a weakness in the ability to sustain, shift or divide attention, coupled with a biologically-based weakness in … Continue reading

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What Are We Asking When We Ask Kids to Pay Attention?

Picture a typical first grade classroom and two students whispering to each other even as the teacher begins the lesson. Seeing their distraction, the teacher calls out their names and says, “Please, pay attention!” What the teacher is asking the … Continue reading

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On Nurturing Mindfulness

“Habit is one of the antidotes to inattention,” says ADHD expert Dr. Jeff Sosne, one of our featured presenters at our inaugural Children’s Wellness Conference earlier this year. In the clip below, Dr. Sosne gives some tips for creating habit … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Teach Kids with ADHD Better Focus & Self-Control

Recently, Good Morning America ran a segment on how – and why – more doctors are recommending yoga for young patients. One situation in which yoga is increasingly recommended is for children diagnosed with ADHD, as it is well recognized … Continue reading

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Emotional Regulation: Five Breath Success

“Mrs. Gillen!” exclaimed a fifth grade boy, running up to me as I arrived at school one day this past week. “I have to tell you what happened!” This student has struggled with attention difficulties yet just recently moved from … Continue reading

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