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Yoga Hits the Super Bowl: 5 Tips for Teaching Boys

Mrs. Gillen, if everyone did yoga, the world would be pink! This comment from an 11 year old boy was typical of those Lynea heard from the boys in her elementary school’s behavior classroom when she first brought in yoga … Continue reading

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What Is Your Call of Duty?

What’s going on with our boys? These days, I’m asked this question a lot by parents and teachers alike. This school year alone, I have done more staff trainings and have been asked to observe and assist teachers more than … Continue reading

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Things That Go Bang!

At our recent Boys & Coyotes Course in Minneapolis, I asked a group of therapists, teachers and other educational professionals, “What do you know about boys?” Some of their answers: They are active. They like to play superheroes. They make … Continue reading

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Resolutions vs. Gratitude

My first yoga class of the year is always a big one – as many as 50 people squeezing into a small space, each wanting to start off the new year right. And usually, I ask my students about their … Continue reading

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Boys Will Be Boys? Telling the Difference Between “Normal” & ADHD Behavior

We all know that ADHD is rampant – but just how much is “rampant,” exactly? As they say on Marketplace, “Let’s do the numbers.” As of 2007, almost 10% of children between the ages of 4 and 17 had been … Continue reading

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