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Bullying & the Language of the Body

A wonderful anecdote from senior yoga teacher Patricia Walden recently caught my eye in a post at Yoga Journal. She recalled a statement BKS Iyengar made to her when she struggled with depression: “If you open your armpits, you’ll never … Continue reading

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Schools, Yoga & the Religion Issue

What began as a local story of a few California parents objecting to classroom yoga has, over the past couple weeks, ballooned into one of national interest, garnering mainstream media coverage. According to the original North County Times article about … Continue reading

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Brain-Based Learning: Developing Empathy & Compassion

Four times a year, Lynea and I conduct our Certification Workshops. They’re among our favorite events. We love seeing how practitioners creatively apply Yoga Calm activities as they share the 5 class plans they create as part of the certification … Continue reading

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“Strategies That Really Work!” – Yoga Calm in the Classroom & for Kids with Special Needs

First time isn’t always a charm, but failures often bring blessings in their wake. For instance, the first time we offered a training in Colorado, low enrollment forced us to cancel. But one who had registered offered to help us … Continue reading

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Yoga Calm Goes Global: Teachers Bring Lessons of Strength & Community to Guatemala

Guest post by Kathy Flaminio & Laurie Ellis-Young It was serendipity – our meeting at a Health Expo: two yoga teachers who shared a passion for wellness, peace and human connection, and a vision for expanding that passion to a … Continue reading

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4 More Activities to Get Kids Moving & Connecting with the Natural World

We’re blessed that our work lets us regularly meet so many wonderful school teachers, counselors, OTs, nurses and others who work with children. You inspire us with your stories of using Yoga Calm so successfully and your shared commitment to … Continue reading

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Improving Early Literacy – Yoga Calm Helps!

  Earlier this spring, we told you about an exciting new study showing the benefits of social-emotional learning programs like Yoga Calm on academic achievement. The very day we posted it, we got an email from Wendy Holley-Boen, a school … Continue reading

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