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What Is Your Call of Duty?

What’s going on with our boys? These days, I’m asked this question a lot by parents and teachers alike. This school year alone, I have done more staff trainings and have been asked to observe and assist teachers more than … Continue reading

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Who’s Raising Our Kids? 10 Tips for Parenting in an Online World

Let me tell you a story… Storytelling is the most ancient of all teaching techniques. Embedding knowledge and empathy in narrative, its the way we make sense of our lives. And it’s not just through movies, books, plays and other … Continue reading

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Electronic Media and the Battle for Our Minds

When was the last time you had an hour – an hour without distractions – just to think about things? Or even a half hour? Fifteen minutes? As I write this blog, instant messages flash up on my second monitor … Continue reading

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