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Less Screen-Time = Healthier Kids & More Family Fun!

You hear a lot about the problems that come from kids spending too much time fixated on screens – obesity, poor and insufficient sleep, behavioral issues and all the rest. What you don’t hear so much is evidence of the … Continue reading

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Honoring our Children, Honoring Ourselves, Honoring our Elders

A guest post by Kimberly Carson, co-instructor for our new Yoga for Seniors Certification program. Growing a beautiful, productive garden is more complex than just supplying water, appropriate sunlight and good soil. Among other things, you must consider the effects … Continue reading

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Who’s Raising Our Kids? 10 Tips for Parenting in an Online World

Let me tell you a story… Storytelling is the most ancient of all teaching techniques. Embedding knowledge and empathy in narrative, its the way we make sense of our lives. And it’s not just through movies, books, plays and other … Continue reading

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