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A Somatic Approach Toward a Bully-Free Future

Research shows that children who are bullied often carry a posture and a story of victimization. Trauma, low self-esteem, learning disabilities and obesity also can set up a child for ridicule and rejection. As we’ve noted before, such children begin … Continue reading

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High-Stakes Tests, Kids’ Soaring Stress – and a Lesson Plan for Creating Calm & Focus Instead

Not even two weeks into the new year, and already, testing season is underway in many school districts around the country. And so is the backlash against standardized testing, which – according to a recent Marketplace feature on NPR – … Continue reading

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Sowing Mindfulness & Social Skills, Harvesting Gratitude

Heading into the holiday season, I find my thoughts going back several years to a party I attended at the elementary school where I worked as a counselor. Each of the 32 students contributed some kind of food. There were … Continue reading

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Schools, Yoga & the Religion Issue

What began as a local story of a few California parents objecting to classroom yoga has, over the past couple weeks, ballooned into one of national interest, garnering mainstream media coverage. According to the original North County Times article about … Continue reading

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Technology Alone Is Not Enough: Creativity, Vision & a Whole Child Approach to Education

Recently, Lynea and I were asked to speak at a conference about technology’s impact on education. Immediately, my thoughts turned to what we feel is one of the greatest challenges facing us as educators and parents: the addictive nature of … Continue reading

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Brain-Based Learning: Developing Empathy & Compassion

Four times a year, Lynea and I conduct our Certification Workshops. They’re among our favorite events. We love seeing how practitioners creatively apply Yoga Calm activities as they share the 5 class plans they create as part of the certification … Continue reading

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“Strategies That Really Work!” – Yoga Calm in the Classroom & for Kids with Special Needs

First time isn’t always a charm, but failures often bring blessings in their wake. For instance, the first time we offered a training in Colorado, low enrollment forced us to cancel. But one who had registered offered to help us … Continue reading

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