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A Nation of the Sleep-Deprived – & How to Turn Things Around

“It’s time to get up and make pancakes, Grandpa!” It was 5:30 in the morning. Still, I thought it might be good to get up a little earlier than usual for my four year old granddaughter’s and my favorite ritual … Continue reading

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Helping Kids with Attention Issues: We Can Do Better – Tips & Resources

Judge by rising rates of ADHD diagnoses and medication prescriptions (quintupling over the past 12 years), it would seem that we’ve really got a national epidemic at hand. Or do we? A recent New York Times article reveals some disturbing … Continue reading

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The Emerging Field of Contemplative Science & How It Can Help Us Help Kids Thrive

It seems “mindfulness” has hit the big time. A simple news search of the term in Google typically brings up several thousand results. It seems everybody’s talking about it. One reason why is just our search for solutions to the … Continue reading

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What to Tell Your Child About the Colorado Theater Shooting?

What do you tell a child when a horrific event like the Colorado theater shooting happens? Many parents are asking, just as the host of AM Northwest asked Lynea during her recent appearance on the program. (You can watch the … Continue reading

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Who’s Raising Our Kids? 10 Tips for Parenting in an Online World

Let me tell you a story… Storytelling is the most ancient of all teaching techniques. Embedding knowledge and empathy in narrative, its the way we make sense of our lives. And it’s not just through movies, books, plays and other … Continue reading

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Nurturing Our Natural Love of the Earth

Springtime again! And who can resist the call of the sun, leafing trees, beautifully blooming flowers? Our response is deep-seated. Rooted in our genetics is a love for nature, for the beauty of natural settings. It came early this year, … Continue reading

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Yoga Calm for Halloween? Try the Archetype Game

Holidays stir up the imagination, especially for kids and especially around Halloween. Of course, that day is all about dressing up and pretending to be someone – or something – that you’re not. The practice can be traced back to … Continue reading

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