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A Somatic Approach Toward a Bully-Free Future

Research shows that children who are bullied often carry a posture and a story of victimization. Trauma, low self-esteem, learning disabilities and obesity also can set up a child for ridicule and rejection. As we’ve noted before, such children begin … Continue reading

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The Emerging Field of Contemplative Science & How It Can Help Us Help Kids Thrive

It seems “mindfulness” has hit the big time. A simple news search of the term in Google typically brings up several thousand results. It seems everybody’s talking about it. One reason why is just our search for solutions to the … Continue reading

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Sowing Mindfulness & Social Skills, Harvesting Gratitude

Heading into the holiday season, I find my thoughts going back several years to a party I attended at the elementary school where I worked as a counselor. Each of the 32 students contributed some kind of food. There were … Continue reading

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Resolutions vs. Gratitude

My first yoga class of the year is always a big one – as many as 50 people squeezing into a small space, each wanting to start off the new year right. And usually, I ask my students about their … Continue reading

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Mindfulness to Put an End to Bullying

When principals, teachers and parents are asked about their greatest concerns for children, the need for emotional and physical safety tops the list. All parents want their child to be liked and treated well by others. Concerns about safety and … Continue reading

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What Are We Asking When We Ask Kids to Pay Attention?

Picture a typical first grade classroom and two students whispering to each other even as the teacher begins the lesson. Seeing their distraction, the teacher calls out their names and says, “Please, pay attention!” What the teacher is asking the … Continue reading

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On Nurturing Mindfulness

“Habit is one of the antidotes to inattention,” says ADHD expert Dr. Jeff Sosne, one of our featured presenters at our inaugural Children’s Wellness Conference earlier this year. In the clip below, Dr. Sosne gives some tips for creating habit … Continue reading

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Creating a Positive Class Routine for the New School Year

    A new school year begins. As the children file in, they are happy to see their friends again, have many stories of summer and are ready to embrace a new teacher. Those of us who are teachers and … Continue reading

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Becoming Mindful of Mindfulness

We live in a world of buzz and hum, light and noise, constant motion. We’re constantly multitasking and living in future tense. We’re bombarded with information, both through electronic media and the physical environment which seems ever more crowded and … Continue reading

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Helping Kids Eat Better & Make Healthy Choices

If there’s any silver lining to the ongoing obesity epidemic, it’s that we’re finally coming to understand that what we eat matters – not just how much we eat but the quality of our food. Over the past decade, the … Continue reading

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