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3 Simple Activities to Get Kids Moving & Connecting with the Natural World

Another way to counter the problem of childhood obesity is by encouraging kids to get outdoors and moving. It’s not uncommon for the average American youth to spend up to 90% of waking hours indoors – and to spend much … Continue reading

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Nurturing Love for the Natural World

The average American child now spends over 8 hours in front of a screen each day. She emails, texts, and updates her status incessantly. He can name hundreds of corporate logos, but less than ten native plants. She aspires to … Continue reading

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Natural vs. Virtual Worlds

“Serendipity” – the idea of the happy or fortuitous accident – is a wonderful word, inspired by a Persian fairy tale in which three princes from Serendip (the old name for Ceylon, now Sri Lanka) who “were always making discoveries, … Continue reading

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