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Take a Stand for Children’s Health…Literally!

At first glance, it’s a hard statistic to believe – that by the time they reach high school, 63% of kids are no longer physically active. But consider some of the barriers that either didn’t exist or were much less … Continue reading

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Childhood Obesity – Sleeping May Prevent Pounds

Sleep serves important biological functions, giving the body time and opportunity for a host of metabolic processes that just can’t be done while we’re conscious and actively using our bodies and minds. It also serves important cognitive processes, such as … Continue reading

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Tips to Help Kids Make Healthy Food Choices in a Junk Food Filled Environment

cproppe/Flickr One of the biggest and most persistent obstacles to kids’ making healthy food choices is the heavy marketing of highly processed, usually sugar-laden junk food. It’s not just about outright advertising such as commercials on TV – though there’s … Continue reading

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A Healthy Summer Treat

There are a few times each year when we’re more apt than usual to indulge in delicious but not always healthy foods. Thanksgiving. Christmas. And summertime? You bet! Think of burgers, hot dogs and corn dogs at a theme park, … Continue reading

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Helping Kids Eat Better & Make Healthy Choices

If there’s any silver lining to the ongoing obesity epidemic, it’s that we’re finally coming to understand that what we eat matters – not just how much we eat but the quality of our food. Over the past decade, the … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama Says, “Let’s Move” – We Agree

Last month, we looked at how the distraction brought on by electronic media and multitasking can cause problems for kids – things like lower grades, mood swings and more behavioral issues. But it’s not just about mental distraction. There’s a … Continue reading

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