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Take a Stand for Children’s Health…Literally!

At first glance, it’s a hard statistic to believe – that by the time they reach high school, 63% of kids are no longer physically active. But consider some of the barriers that either didn’t exist or were much less … Continue reading

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Schools, Yoga & the Religion Issue

What began as a local story of a few California parents objecting to classroom yoga has, over the past couple weeks, ballooned into one of national interest, garnering mainstream media coverage. According to the original North County Times article about … Continue reading

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Standardized Testing Can’t Measure What Matters

Quick: What’s the difference between No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top? Not much. As Diane Ravitch notes in a powerful and insightful essay in the New York Review of Books, both are part of what Pasi Sahlberg … Continue reading

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Mindfulness to Put an End to Bullying

When principals, teachers and parents are asked about their greatest concerns for children, the need for emotional and physical safety tops the list. All parents want their child to be liked and treated well by others. Concerns about safety and … Continue reading

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