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Not Your Mother’s Yoga Class (Yoga Calm Goes to Jail, Part 2)

A guest post by Certified Yoga Calm Instructor Jeff Albin – Read Part 1 here The sounds of Foghat’s “Slow Ride” echoing through the claustrophobic halls at the detention center would be the first clue that this is not your … Continue reading

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How to Treat ADHD Effectively? Pills, Skills & Love

Joseph, a five year old boy diagnosed with ADHD, was making good progress in yoga class at school. He was coming to friendship group once a week, and his mom and dad were working with me [Lynea] on parenting skills. … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Teach Kids with ADHD Better Focus & Self-Control

Recently, Good Morning America ran a segment on how – and why – more doctors are recommending yoga for young patients. One situation in which yoga is increasingly recommended is for children diagnosed with ADHD, as it is well recognized … Continue reading

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Focusing that Wild Halloween Energy

Originally published October 31, 2008   Halloween can be a wonderful time for children to explore their imaginations. Or, as many teachers and parents can attest, it can be a nightmare of sugar-fueled over-excitement and big emotions. There’s nothing wrong … Continue reading

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Developing Self-Regulation

In our work with children, we are often reminded of just how important it is to learn the skill of self-regulation – especially for children with impulse control weaknesses. As Peter Levine powerfully illustrated at a recent workshop we attended, … Continue reading

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Using Rewards

Recently, Jim and I were struggling with our weekly Children’s Program class. We had a few children who were having trouble getting themselves under control, and they, in turn, would throw the whole class off – a not uncommon experience … Continue reading

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