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How to Treat ADHD Effectively? Pills, Skills & Love

Joseph, a five year old boy diagnosed with ADHD, was making good progress in yoga class at school. He was coming to friendship group once a week, and his mom and dad were working with me [Lynea] on parenting skills. … Continue reading

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Emotional Learning and Growth

One of the things that makes Valentine’s Day such a unique holiday is that it’s the only one that doesn’t commemorate an event or honor a person or the passage of time. It’s about a feeling: love.   hint of … Continue reading

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Blending Breath Work and Social/Emotional Skills-Building

Upon completing our Integrated Approach to Wellness 1 workshop, Debi Doyle, a school counselor in Mukilteo, Washington, wrote to us about how she’s been applying Yoga Calm in her work with kids:   Lately, I have been focusing on breath … Continue reading

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Good People Everywhere: Building Community Support

In a recent group at school, a young boy came in and reported to us all that a friend of his had committed suicide the week before. The other students had lots of questions – How? Why? – and the … Continue reading

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