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High-Stakes Tests, Kids’ Soaring Stress – and a Lesson Plan for Creating Calm & Focus Instead

Not even two weeks into the new year, and already, testing season is underway in many school districts around the country. And so is the backlash against standardized testing, which – according to a recent Marketplace feature on NPR – … Continue reading

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9 Tips for Helping Kids Deal with Events Like the Troutdale School Shooting

Within a day of last week’s shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale – just outside of Portland here and where some of Lynea’s colleagues work – several particular posts about it began cropping up on Facebook a lot. One … Continue reading

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New Hope for Dealing with Tension & Trauma, Part 2

Read Part One Words Are Not Enough: Yoga & Meditation As we discussed last time, recovery from trauma is both a mental/emotional process and a physical process. Key to the latter is deactivating the somatic cues that trigger the troubling … Continue reading

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New Hope for Dealing with Tension & Trauma

Have you ever been so nervous or scared, your body was literally shaking? That shaking is called neurogenic tremoring – an innate release system that nearly all mammals are born with and seems to be a key component in how … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year again. Despite nature’s call to slow down and hibernate, we tend to speed up and do more. Holiday commitments, family travels, the end of school terms and corporate years, shopping, family expectations and dynamics – … Continue reading

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7 Tips for Heading Back to School with Confidence

This week, we’re pleased to feature a guest post by Donna Freeman, yoga instructor, author and founder of Yogainmyschool.com. With the new school year already underway for some and on the verge of beginning for others, Donna offers some terrific … Continue reading

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Reducing Anxiety through Exercise

leah pritchard/Flickr   Physical exercise has more than just physical benefits. For instance, as we wrote a while back, when kids exercise more, they also tend to achieve more academically. In Spark, John Ratey provides ample support for this as … Continue reading

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